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2003-07-14 // 3:19 p.m.

amen to that

After canceling on rip-tv a couple Sundays ago, I finally made it to the Episcopalian church in the West Village - Very Fun!!!

I have never seen or even imagined that there could be so many gays at a church gathering…I'll have to put that in my little book. Since yesterday, I can't help seeing homos on the street and thinking, "I wonder if they go to church."

I am not a bible-boy by any means…those that already know me can verify this, but I don't want to send the wrong message to other readers.

After church, we went to a cute little French restaurant. I am trying to lead a low carb lifestyle, so I just pretended that there really wasn't a bread plate to my left with a wonderful looking brioche type roll on it (rip-tv admitted later that the bread was not all that).

Next, we went to see "Swimming Pool". Wonderful movie - lots of boobies (I mean lots and lots). Well, not really a lot of different boobies…just the same ones over and over.

Tomorrow - details on my two dear friends that are being published in a book of short stories.

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